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Why We Love Them So: Surviving the Loss of an Animal Friend

Why We love Them So"Why We Love Them So gives us comfort and understanding while guiding us through our profound grief over the loss of a pet. While sharing his own struggles and challenges with grieving his pets, Father Paul offers us heartfelt suggestions and a highly-enlightened perspective. Anyone who has ever gone through the loss of a pet will greatly appreciate this book. Why We Love Them So is a lasting testament of Father Paul's enduring love for animals."

—June Cotner, author of Animal Blessings and Dog Blessings

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Also available through 1-800-Authors/288-4677, and & stores in hardcover, paperback and e-book.


If You Want to Change Your Mind, You Have to Open Your Heart

mindIn this book Father Paul investigates the ways and means of prosperity and how we might live joyfully and abundantly. He touched on this in Elisha's Jars: Enjoying Abundance & Prosperity When Life Seems Limited. Now he takes this a step further on how to open our hearts and enjoy blessings. The personal stories he shares are much like those in his other books, poignant and personal. You feel he is sitting with you, sharing a special part of his soul in the selfless way that only he could. The advice he offers will surely help you live a more peaceful and prosperous life. I know I have found great peace and direction through his words and will continue to do so for years to come by opening his wonderful books. --Shelley Kaehr, Ph.D.

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You Have to Open Your Heart
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Beyond Blue Snow:

Essays Toward the Refreshment of the Soul

Beyond Blue SnowAre you feeling lost and looking for a place to call home? Do you find yourself feeling cluttered and disorganized inside? Would you like to learn about a law that can keep you sane and grounded?

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The Way to a Purposeful Life

Heart StormingDo you know what matters most to you in your life? Do you know what you truly believe in? What brings you joy and peace in life?If you're not sure… Heartstorming may be for you! Your mind, your heart and your soul are meant to work together. When they do, there is no stopping you!

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Good News for Bad Days

Good News for Bad DaysHad one too many bad days lately? Feel trapped in an endless pattern of failure? Looking for more than "same old, same old?" Fed up with trying self-help books and programs? Let Me Help You Live a Soulful Life!

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Elisha's Jars:

Enjoying Abundance and Prosperity When Life Seems Limited

Elisha's JarsDo you feel that your back is against the wall and you have nowhere to turn? Are you experiencing the pressure of limitations in your life? Do you feel that you have few or no resources of your own?

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Stages of the Soul:

The Path of the Soulful Life

Stages of the SoulHave you been feeling like a lost soul lately? Do you feel like you've been falling through the cracks? Do others treat you without compassion or understanding? Does it look like your life is without pattern or purpose? Would you like to be in love with life?Let me help you to fall in love with life once again, or for the first time!

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