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Good News for Bad Days: Living a Soulful Life

Good News for Bad Days book imageHad one too many bad days lately? Feel trapped in an endless pattern of failure? Looking for more than "same old, same old?" Fed up with trying self-help books and programs? Let Me Help You Live a Soulful Life!

I know what you mean. I've had a lot of success in my life, but I've also had my share of embarrassments, failures, dark days, boring streaks and downright discouragement. Positive thinking and self-help programs helped a little, but didn't result in lasting improvement.

What if you could stop trying to be "perfect," just be yourself and in doing so discover that there is more to you and your life than you imagined?

Here's what you'll read in Good News for Bad Days:

  • You Can Get There from Here
  • Your Soul Is Where You Are
  • Why Me?
  • The Set of the Sails
  • Ambience: What Comes Around Goes Around
  • The Teacher Will Appear
  • Dare to Be Ignorant
  • There is Magic in Boredom
  • You Call This Work?
  • Stop, Look and Listen
  • The Language of Soul
  • Soulful Choices
  • You Do Have a Prayer
  • The Gift to Be Simple
  • Love Is the Miracle
  • You Are Attractive
  • The Miracle of Forgiveness
  • Finding Your Soul

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