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Heartstorming: The Way to a Purposeful Life

Heartstorming book imageDo you know what matters most to you in your life? Do you know what you truly believe in? What brings you joy and peace in life?
If you're not sure…Heartstorming may be for you!

Your mind, your heart and your soul are meant to work together. When they do, there is no stopping you!

Here's what you'll find in Heartstorming:

  • Like a Ship on a Stormy Sea
  • Heartstorming: Watching the Heart, Mind, and Soul Work Together
  • A Garden in Your Heart
  • Cordiality: Recalling Phil from Howard Beach
  • The Tortured Heart: The Heartstorming of Job
  • Sentimental: Helping the Mind to Feel
  • Hearts, Cores, and Apples
  • The Cockles of the Heart
  • Hearts Made of Stone: How to Soften a Hardened Heart
  • The Heart Has Its Reasons
  • Sacred Hearts: Burning with Love, Crowned with Thorns
  • Hearts That Are Weary: The Search for New Vision
  • Reverent Hearts: Hearts That Learn to See Again
  • Heartily Sorry: Helping the Heart Learn
  • Hearty Stews and Hardy Hearts
  • Dear Hearts: Hearts That Are Precious
  • Hearts of Dreamers: Making Wishes Come True
  • Working Hearts: The Labor of Love
  • Heart Space: Finding the Desert Places
  • The Heart of Art: Chaos into Form
  • Big Hearts: Sorrow That Expands the Heart
  • The Heart of God: The Heart of Mystery
  • Hearts That Remember, Hearts That Live
  • Heartstorming in Everyday Life

Just as brainstorming jump-starts the mind for ideas, heartstorming helps us become aware of the feelings that color our view of life. In the beautifully written and accessible Heartstorming, Father Paul Keenan leads us into the world of the heart, demonstrating how to uncover our true beliefs, fears, values, and joy.

Through stories and reflections, Father Paul shows that heartstorming is actually a new way of seeing the everyday events of our lives by grasping the deep significance they contain. If you find yourself at a crossroads and want to discover the way to a purposeful life, Heartstorming is the book you have been waiting for.

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